Cancelling a failed batch mint

Hi, I was trying to mint a batch of 6 and it came up failed , i waited a bit and tried again and it said failed again, so I then minted the 6 individually , but a bit later i got two email from Manifold to say they are now uploaded and i can mint them using the link in the email . I want to cancel both attempts now as they are all minted but I can’t see how , if someone can help that would be great thank you ! Sarah

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Hi Sarah - So you’re saying there are duplicate tokens minted to mainnet? Can you share a link to the duplicated tokens?

Hi, we were having batch minting issues. If you’ve minted the 6 already one-by-one, then the existing series mint can be repurposed for a future mint of new tokens. If you need assistance doing so, please let us know.


You should only see the 6 tokens you minted, the batchs have been removed from your studio

Please let us know if you need anything else!

Thanks Lyndo, Manifold saw i had manually minted them after the failed batch minting and so removed them . cheers Sarah

Thank you very much!!

Cheers Sarah

Thank you Wilkins, they have been removed from my studio now!

Cheers Sarah