Cancelling an auction scheduled for a later date

Good morning!
I have been testing the manifold experience before committing to a serious auction. I don’t want to trip later. Previously I ran the auction on a short term delay and bid on it myself. I successfully resolved the auction with the help of the community and forum moderators.
Now I scheduled a significantly delayed auction with an obscene price. My goal was to take my time observing if I could change meta data with updates, observe how it updated on other platforms (or not in the case of Foundation), and to eventually cancel the auction.
I find I cannot cancel it. The FAQ says to click on the 3 dots and a cancel auction should be available. The attached screen shot should display that the option does not appear. Am I looking in the wrong place? Is the cancel auction not available until the start date of the Auction (which happens in 108 days)?


Can you refresh the page and see if it shows up now?

I did a develop empty cache and hard refresh in my Brave Browser and it still presents only 3 options with the 3 dots (see attached screen shot)

Just made an update, can you give it a shot again?

It now gives me the option to cancel the auction thank you. I will attempt to do so later tonight when the gas fees are lower.

While I have your attention - is there a communications channel with Manifold where I can have them consider the significance of the first 2 Vitalik NFT’s in my collection? I’d like help in presenting them as artifacts of crypto history. I tried tweeting Manifold last year but no response. I’d like help in presenting the first portraits of Vitalik while remaining as decentralized as possible. I’d like to Dox myself at least to the Manifold team though I’m pretty public with my profiles anyway.



I’m also trying to cancel my auction but the transaction isn’t being initiated. This page shows then nothing happens… can you help please?


Here is the auction link: BANK RUN

Just letting you know the successes and glitches I see as I finish my tests.

I got around to cancelling the auction which seems to have worked out. (thank you for fixing the missing cancel button) The auction listing shows as settled when I view the listing page… but the countdown timer continues for the future auction date I had set for it to execute.

I was notified of a $2 ish gas fee but on my metamask it says a $0 cancel action occurred. Good if true for me. It shows as being returned to my wallet 18 hours ago.

Also I notice how diligent and thorough your team are at answering all the posts and questions. I couldn’t help but notice you never replied to my request to present my portraits of Vitalik to your team for consideration and collaboration. I don’t mind rejection but silence is deafening sometimes :wink: I would private message you but depending on the community it is considered bad manners to do so. I’m still feeling this one out.