Cannot bid on Manifold Gallery

So recently i minted a 1/1 artwork and listed on manifold gallery,

Then a collector of mine reached out to me and says
“I tried on my work computer, I tried on my phone browser, I also tried by going into the MetaMask app and going to the page directly from that browser and I still couldn’t connect”

Actually this is the 2nd time that this specific person reaching me out about the error on bidding at manifold gallery.

Any advice to fix this?

link to the auction page :

Can you ask the collector to reach out with more info? It seems OK, I am able to connect and bid, using Chrome and Metamask

yo thanks for the heads up, tbh its the collector who reached me and talked to me about it… i’ll try to hit him up soon maybe its on his end

Can you also share your listing link? Can try on my side as well. I’m assuming you’ve tried and it seems fine?