Cannot complete the procedure for having Manifold on my site

Hello, I’ 'm trying to set up Manifold as CNAME on my site but I have encountered some problems and now I am confused. I did everything in Settings, I set up my cname on my site, and I got “issued” confirmed in Settings, but then, when it came to setting up the name on the Gallery page I didn’t understand what do I have to do. I open the Gallery app but I don’t have any place to set up a subdomain as in the tutorial. I have only an auction which already sold in the Gallery app and then I cannot do anything. I can make only a New Listing. But I don’t need to display on my site only one item for sale, I need to display all my contracts with all my tokens and display also editions which are still minting. So I need help to finish the configuration of the page on my site.

gm! Not sure if you’re interested in our gallery widgets instead but these are an example of creators who have used this in the past.

The gallery listing will allow you to customize the auction link but not create a gallery on your own website. Let me know if that clears things up.

Hello Lyndo, what I need is not an entire site, I already have my site. I only need a page where my Manifold collections are showing and where I can set auctions and sell editions. If can be set easily with the widgets is ok. Please let me know