Cannot connect to Manifold on Android

I use a Samsung S22 + Ultra. I use metamask and the metamask browser to try and log into manifold studio. Something causes the connect wallet option to switch to an install wallet option. Same with Chrome. Brave does something else. I don’t use the brave wallet just the browser. Brave browser on android specifically seems incompatible with metamask anyway.

Any thoughts if I am doing something wrong, or if this is a known issue?


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That’s certainly very strange. It’s as if it can’t detect or access the injected wallet.

Do you see the same issue attempting to connect to any claim page?

Oh. I see the issue. In metamask try going to directly.

I have not been able to login to manifold to see a claims page so far (on Android).
I did as you suggested going to directly and the button still flickers to install wallet after initially displaying connect.

Oh, I mean doing this WITHIN the metamask app. You can’t login directly via chrome because it doesn’t detect a wallet right now.

Thank you Wilkins for whatever you did. It now works. The first video did show me within my metamask wallet and clicking the browser button within the app and having this problem. It was like this for about a month with multiple attempts. It seems great now.