Cannot edit Burn Redeem

I changed the time of my Burn/Redeem once, but we need to push it back again and when I go to edit the Burn/Redeem it doesn’t let me update. It acts as if I’m making an all new Burn/Redeem.

Please help! It’s scheduled to start again in 2 hours!

Thanks in advance.

Please share your screenshot. Don’t understand what you mean by “it appears as if you are making a new burn/redeem”. Changes to the time require a new transaction.

This is a Burn/Redeem that was already running, and then I changed the start and end date while it was still running, which seemed to close the burn/redeem.

But now after I’ve tried to edit it, it shows as a draft.

When I try to go through the process it seems like I’m making a completely new Burn/Redeem because it tells me that the site is already in use.

this is the link to the Burn Page, says it’s still going but is a draft in my Dashboard

Please refresh your page. It should show live now. For the future, if it shows draft, and it’s actually live, just jump to the publish step, click publish and it should re-sync.

It’s because the studio was out of sync with what was on chain.

You should now be able to make an edit, which will trigger a transaction.

Ok. I was able to edit them, but none of them triggered transactions. None of them are currently live though, does that matter? (I would assume not) The fact that it’s not triggering a transaction is what caused me to panic in the first place.

No. Try changing the date, changing it back and clicking save. It should trigger a transaction. If it doesn’t please take a screenshot and show your error console.

What would you want a screenshot of if there’s no transaction?

I have this one that shows they’re drafts, even after multiple refreshes

Refresh your page. They should all show live. Draft is incorrect. Let me know if you see that

If you see live, click on the one you want to edit, then click Edit. Go to the ‘Redemption Details’ page and change the time, click next all the way until you see ‘update’. Click ‘update’ and you should get prompted for a transaction. If it does not do that, share a screenshot of what happens.

When I go in and edit the dates and then click through it just keeps going next until it restarts

And then when I get to the “Customize Page” section, it gives me this error

If I try to skip to the “Publish” section, it brings me back to the “Create Redeem Asset” section.

That’s so odd. Investigating.

Before you did this you did see it live right?

yep. People used it., but we wanted to pause it because gas was so high last night. I’m wondering if I need to wait till it goes live again to change the time.

Though I’m nervous that it won’t go live and it’ll just be stuck somehow.

Ok, please clear your browser cache and log out. Then log in, go to burn redeem and confirm you see this:

It should be LIVE.

Click in, then click edit. Click next until you get to the point to edit time. You should see this:

Change the time and click next. The Publish checkbox should remain blank. If it changes, let me know when it does. When you get to the end, you should get an ‘Update’ button.

Oh, also, MAKE SURE your wallet is on mainnet!

I wasn’t on main net… that’s the reason. facepalm

Thank you very much!

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Love to hear you were able to get unblocked here. In the wake of this I’ve decided to add some new features around messaging when on the wrong network after publication and made it more robust so that being on a different network wont just nuke your BR’s “live” status back to “draft”! Will go live tomorrow. Apologies for not having that feature to begin with. Cheers Ethan and really appreciate the patience and the report :pray: :slight_smile:

Really appreciate that! That’s awesome!

So, after unpausing my burn it seems that one of my burn redeems has changed the token it’s burned from to a token that only I the project owner have. I don’t know how, since the Dashboard says you can’t change it once you’ve locked it in. But before I paused my burn, people were able to burn for 9 of these tokens that they now cannot burn for.

Was there some kind of update that is causing this issue? I’m very confused.

You should have full abilities to edit whatever you like after the burn is live now. Those updates will not push to the user until you click update and accept the tx on chain.