Cannot Edit or Delete Goerli Test Contracts

I created a couple test contracts on Goerli on Jan 2nd and decided I want to delete them and deploy on a different wallet account address, so I tried to go to settings and click delete, but it gives me a pop up error: “Only the owner of this contract can delete this contract. Please check that you are currently logged in with the correct wallet.” I quadruple checked the correct wallet is connected and I still get the error. I then tried to edit the contract name just to see if that would toggle something to allow me to delete the contracts, but when I try to deploy the changes to Goerli, I get an error “something went wrong. please try again”. Please advise. I just want to delete these test contracts so I don’t get them mixed up with the real contracts I will be creating.

Also, I just created a new test contract on Goerli using the same wallet and I was able to edit it and delete it with no problem. The two contracts I’m having trouble editing/deleting were created on Jan 2nd right before the deadline…maybe that has something to do with the problem?

I was able to fix this by removing my wallet and re-installing it. Obviously, if you do this, make sure you have your secret phrase and private keys for any wallets you added written down.