Can't add more than 1 wallet address on edition airdrop section


I’ve been trying to airdrop a token with 35 edition to my 35 collectors, but it seems I can’t add more than 1 address to the airdrop section, there’s no option to add more address or upload CSV.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

gm. Airdropping to multiple addresses is only available for ERC1155 contracts, for ERC721 to send to multiple addresses, you’ll need to mint to self and then transfer the tokens over.

oh wow, that’s the answer that I was looking for earlier. I already went with it earlier but I screwed it up and sent it to only 1 person. Thank god that person is a friend and a collector of mine so he transfer the other edition to the addresses. All in all, I learned something new today, and it’s my fault so it’s okay. Lesson learned. Thank you for answering Lyndo. -MEJ.