Cant air drop editions without TokenURI update?

Every time I try to airdrop an edition I’m forced to execute a transaction to update the tokenURI even though I didn’t change it ?

The claim page version has a very clear “Airdrop” section the UI and UX is much clearer there, not sure what happened with airdropping editions

Do you see any warning at the top of the page indicating you have pending changes or things out of sync?

When you click the publish button it tries to execute all pending changes.

Also please let us know which token this is for so we can double check. If there are pending changes, we can likely revert the changes (there will be an option to revert changes soon).

I just pushed out a new change as well, so please log out, clear your browser cache, and try again.

Do you still see this behavior? If so, please reject the transaction. Also, you should only see ONE ‘add recipients’ action, not two.