Cant Deploy Contract Ledger Live

Hi. Trying to deploy my first contract. Using a ledger and connected to ledger live. Also have the ledger account connected to metamask. When I click deploy, I get the error:

There was a problem with the previous deployment, please check your internet connection and refresh this page to try again. If problem persist, please report this problem on our forum at

I have blind signing on and ledger live is updated.

Thank you

Sorry for the issue you are having, could you let me know your wallet address so I can take a look into this please?

Also to confirm, you are deploying on the ethereum mainnet network?

Hi, I have the same issue, deploying direct to ethereum not goerlii.


Can you open up your browser console and show us the console logs?

Are you connecting via Metamask or ledger live?

Do you even get a prompt in ledger live? Does it work with metamask instead?

Also, if you could pull up your browser console and screenshot the error that would be helpful.

For both above: If using MetaMask + Ledger, you should not be using Ledger Live as the device bridge is no longer available:

Instead, enable WebHID within metamask by going to Settings → Advanced → Preferred Ledger Conenction
and select WebHID


Make sure ledger live is closed when you initiate a transaction.


I am deploying on the main network, just cant get passed the Awaiting Execution phase without error. I am using ledger live without metamask.

this is my console

Ah, you’re using ledger live without MetaMask? Are you going to studio via the ledger live and wallet connect?

Ok. So we’ve checked and ledger live doesn’t allow contract deployments for some reason. Not sure if this is a new issue or something that existed in the past but we’ve alerted the ledger team.

In the meantime, you’ll have to use metamask or some other wallet with your ledger to do contract deployments.

same here, ledger live only. But I managed to make a burn redeem successfully. But the new optimism mint isnt working either, can connect but the popub box just flashes when you try to claim.

This is a new ledger live issue. We’ve confirmed with the ledger team and they recommend using metamask + ledger or another wallet. For some reason their update does not permit contract deploys.

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Did they say if it will be fixed? All my provenance is linked to the ledger wallet, I wont change that just for this. Unfortunately this means Ill have to mint on foundation instead. Theyre really ruining the ledger idea.

They did not give any indication

You can keep your ledger and your provenance by using your ledger device in combination with metamask. Doing so will still use your ledger and what many people do.

You can connect a hardware wallet as per the instructions above.

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