Can't deploy or delete Goerli contract

I can’t cancel, speed up or wait for indexing
Also I can’t delete the contract, which I can’t create another contract that is the same like this


Sorry about the issue, could you tell me the wallet address you used to deploy this contract please?
Also did you sped up or cancelled the transaction by chance?

Deployer 0x108680027AD67E06961e488384d89Fd6aa4fAaE6
Goerli 0xce252885cdd4e0702e54a5d64651c59d746bc8e8

I don’t really remember if I used to deploy this contract

Would you be able to find on your metamask, the transaction for the deployment of this contract please? I believe you might have used a different wallet to deploy this contract since I am not seeing this contract deployed on 0x108680027AD67E06961e488384d89Fd6aa4fAaE6

I found the txn and speed up. now the problem is solved, thank you. And sorry for bothering you

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