Can't edit burn / redeem pages

Hey guys, I created two burn / redeem pages, which are now live, but I can’t seem to be able to edit them - when I try to reopen them from the burn / redeem’s page list, I get a white page which never loads.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi - Without any information we can’t really provide support. Can you provide any helpful links? Wallet address used to sign into Studio? Which page exactly are you getting stuck with? Do you have a screen shot?

Hey Lyndo,

sure thing! This is my studio link:

Wallet is 0x4aF60B6F389313D27f8FFFf2b361B3daC2a11CD1

However, I just tried again now and it worked, I can now access the edit page - since I am traveling, I assume this could have been down to some internet provider’s limitation (?).

Anyway, it now works great, sorry for the trouble! :slight_smile:



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