Cant log into studio

I cant connect my metamask wallet in safari, i can scan the code, all is good but nothing happens after i scan and the app opens on my iphone.
in chrome i can connect my wallet I can go to my apps and see the list of my claim pages but when i click on any of them i just get a spinning wheel.
so right now i have no way to go to my claims, airdrop, anything.
looks like this started after a change in safari? yesterday? the code scan window looks different now?

Same here. I have tried for days! I use Brave and always have so not sure what is up. Just spinning for me too. My meta mask says I am logged in.

Same for me. Endless loading animation. :man_shrugging:

Are you using wallet connect?

Are you using brave by itself or wallet connect as well?

Yes, I did connect my wallet.