Can't open Minting Page, it keeps loading

Hello, I’m in Indonesia and since last week, i can’t open any minting page. It keeps on loading but never showed up like usual.
The problem is, there are so many artist friends (esp in Indonesia) experience the same problem.

Need to be solved asap please, bcs i need to launch a drop super soon…

Can you open your developer console and share a screenshot of any errors you may see?

Nothing is wrong with the console/dashboard. Because it happens on any minting page link, and to many artists here in indonesia. I don’t know if it’s because of our server, but then my friend in India also can’t open any Minting Page link on manifold too

We can’t determine what’s not loading without a console log. From the looks of it, it seems like some site connection is being blocked but it’s impossible to solve it without further information.

here it is, please help asap, thank you

I’m also having this issue. somehow if you use telkomsel provider, it works just fine

Ah really? Is it provider thing? :frowning:
But whyy…

Thanks, this helps a lot! We’ve identified the issue (seems like blocking coinbase price api) and are handling this better. Will be fixed in a few minutes.

Ok. This should be resolved now. Can you please try again?

Yes, all good now man. Thanks so much!