Can't pause a burn to redeem mint anymore

It seems with the new burn to redeem I can’t actually edit it in a way that pauses it. Is that intended?

Howdy gremplin. Are you able to set the End Date in the past? That is one way to pause it temporarily.

You can also try setting the Start Date to be way off in the future. Just make sure the two values make sense in tandem.

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I was able to pause it using this method, thank you! I reckon I will be unable to delete it, but this achieves what i needed!

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Let’s go, love to hear this.

Yup! Spot on. For now it’ll be stuck in your Dashboard. Will have a think on how I can safely allow deleting of published burn redeems which are no longer “live”. Right now we turn it off to keep anyone from accidentally deleting something important :sweat_smile:

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