Can't upload metadata image with public AWS S3 links


I have uploaded the custom media and metadata on Claim Page app, with nft images housed on AWS S3 with public read access. However, the thumbnail doesn’t seem to appear when i uploaded the metadata and the Arweave upload is stuck.

I have 6969 images, an example is

Please assist. Thanks.

If this is not possible with S3 links, is there a tutorial that I can set my own metadata with JSON and image using a IPFS provider with tokenURI (e.g. pinata)?

I think there is an issue with the upload of metadata. Have been stuck on this whole afternoon

Hey there,
Unfortunately I do not have a solution for you.
Can I ask a favor? Can you tell me how you exported the csv file hosting all of the individual url’s for each of the media files in your drive?

I am watching this video

And it skips over that part. I have my files in a Proton drive, but assume there is a way to extract a csv from the drive with all the urls already loaded, so that I can upload the csv to Arweave through Manifold.

Thanks, and sorry I can’t help with your issue.

hey there,

it seems that you were able to initiate the arweave upload process. the upload may have taken longer due to the large volume of assets being uploaded all at once. thanks for hanging in there with patience and understanding, your claim should be ready for a proper on-chain update that reflects the new token metadata.