Chain Synchronicity Error & number of assets cannot be more than 200

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    Chain Synchronicity Error
    i tried uploading the custom reveal csv and got “assets cannot be more than 200”

  • What are you trying to do?
    Trying to update metadata

  • A screenshot of the issue/error with the console.


I have 400 tokens to reveal, its not letting me upload more than 200 assets

is this legit?

No this is not - Thank you for reporting this user.

no worries, any updates on my issue?

Where are you trying to update the metadata from? (Our batch mint tool is used for a different purpose) We are actually in the process of rebuilding this tool and for the time being this process needs to be done manually. We can give you a hand with that.

Which claim page are you looking to update metadata for?

That would be deeply appreciated,
I am trying to update it from custom reveal in manifold studio

Got it - It should actually be possible on this page. Let me look into this 200 token limit for you - Will get back to you

thanks , the " Chain Synchronicity Error
Your data is out of sync with our servers and the blockchain. Please contact Forum Support." issue as well.

Was actually suppose to reveal for my holders today, would love to make it happen tomorrow… <3


Sorry for the inconvenience – you should be able to reveal all your tokens now.