Change ERC-721 OE claim page to Limited and get the NFTs numbered

Hey everybody!

So I recently had an open edition drop as an ERC-721.
The claim was finished and the collection obviously ended up with a certain number of ERC-721 tokens.
I went with ERC-721 because I would preferably want the tokens numbered in the name.

My question is now, if I go into the claim page settings and edit the rules to “Limited” and put in the exact number of NFTs that have been minted at the open edition claim, will the minted tokens be numbered after the fact?

Is this possible or will it cause problems if I change the rules after the claim is finished?

I appreciate any help! Thank you!


gm! This isn’t possible atm but it’s great product feedback for us. Changing it to Limited won’t re-number the tokens at this time.

Allright no worries!
Thank you for the reply.

Maybe that could be a cool option for ERC-721 open editions, as people still tried to go for the early mints even though they knew the NFTs won’t be numbered.