Change Open Edition to Limited Edition

Hi, I would like to change my Open Edition to a Limited Edition claim page. The open edition claim period has ended after it ran for 72hrs but I still have interested collectors. I have changed the rules for the Claim Page in Studio to a limited edition and set the token supply etc and hit save but the Clam Page still shows as the original Open Edition which has ended. I am aware that I can probably still airdrop tokens to wallets but I’d like to have the claim page if possible. Thanks

Got it - Did you sign a transaction when opening up the claim? If so can you send a link?

Yes I did…

To clarify - I meant a link to the transaction when you updated the claim

I’ve looked through my transaction list and I can’t see any that relate to that update so I’m thinking I didn’t get a prompt to sign.

I think all I got was a notification telling me “Rules Updated”

Try changing a value, changing it back again and clicking save again. It should pop up a transaction confirmation.

Haha it was that easy… that’s why we love Manifold
Thank you :sunglasses: :blue_heart: