Changing image, Meta Data, and other questions

I’m back trouble shooting a 2nd test auction in preparation for a more serious auction later. I want to test run the execution, what happens along the way, and attempt to cancel, alter, etc… understand all of the user experience. My first test auction went by too quickly and I learned a lot from that interaction.
Here is the test I am repeating and my questions are below.

1:Someone incorrectly told me the reserve price would be hidden. Can I hide it?

2: I also attempted to switch the original image (Black background Chrome statue) loaded to arweave with a completely alternate image (Midjourney Painting of Vitalik Buterin). The back end interface displays correctly the new artwork.
Open Sea shows the new Artwork.
Foundation shows the old artwork.
The manifold gallery auction still displays the old artwork. 12 hours later and it hasn’t changed. I loaded the gallery in another browser which had no cache and I refreshed the page. Is there a lag in updating the display image and or meta data? I significantly modified the meta data text in my 1st minted token and would hate to see the old text on display anywhere else.

3: I did not intend for the 3rd minted test token to display as part of the collection. I now understand I should have run the test in a separate contract to avoid this. I am considering burning it or updating it to be in sync with the rest of the collection. Will it always be displayed as part of the collection even if I send it to a Burn wallet? If I burn this token and mint a new one will the new token take over as the third, or continue the sequence as the 4th? Should I update it instead?

  1. I was perhaps incorrectly told that people maybe able to low bid below the reserve auction. Manifold does not seem to present a make an offer option on the auction page. Is this on OpenSea and other platforms only? This Auction is a mock auction with an obscene price to prevent interactions but I wanted to test offer a low ball to see how it plays out.

Gm! Can you try refreshing this listing and let me know if the correct image is now displaying?

Sorry for the late reply. Upon refreshing it now I can see the Manifold auction now correctly displays a Vitalik image. I revisited the Foundation page and it still shows the Burning Man thumbnail and when I enter the token link it also still shows the large image up top as a Burning man image.

If foundation does not show the updated image you will have to request that they refresh it.

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I’ve been around for a little while but practical hands on experience this is my first time altering meta data, changing images on a test token. I sold it to myself once to see the auction work. Do you have any opinions or can you point me to any guides if I’ve dirtied the history of this token? When I am done with my test do I burn it or recycle it into a proper NFT by updating the meta data?

If this is on mainnet, you can burn the token. On testnet it doesn’t really matter.

It was on main net. I didn’t think I could run a test auction on the test net. Will explore that now.