Claim Code already used

I set up a few tokens with Claim Codes, none of them work. It just says “Code already used”

  • I tried updating the codes to shorter ones
  • I tried uploading less codes

Same results

Also the ‘m-claim-buy-only’ fails to render the button, it’s just a spinning loading icon

It’s really unfortunate Claims don’t work on test net , because I have basically no way of verifying functionality before making it live. And it takes up a token number in the contract every time I have to cancel and set up another claim due to bugs.

instance 83402992
contract 0x882dd757e02a3420f003dc2550febf58374797e5

Sup Sterling. Let’s see…

A few routes we could go, just lmk what you prefer.

  1. Enable all chains for claims (including Goerli)

  2. Can help you debug this one specifically (del-complex-dci-etr-showcase does not look like a claim-code claim)

  3. Can also help you with m-claim-buy-only. Is this on the Del Complex employment website?