Claim Code Error

Launched a nft with claims available only with unique codes. After registering the extension and approving the claim, the page lets anyone mint instead of claim codes. Need help asap.

Hi! In the meantime, if you’re seeing this issue I’d recommend deactivating the sale (you can reset the start and end time to the past). Can you provide more information - your address and the claim page url?


address: 0x0c52aF4921aAF20DcDFd2853E1e2F700F7A0C191
claim: GM Miami

I can message you the codes if needed. Please let me know if you need anything else
(I just changed the start/end date to the past for now like you said)

From looking at the Claim page, it looks like you set the claim to be an open 1 per wallet limit. Unfortunately, we don’t support switching from a published regular claim to a Claim codes claim, so you’ll need to set up a new Claim page for this token.

Make sure that you’ve selected the Claim Codes option before publishing and all should be good!