Claim Codes — Collectors Must Still Have Wallet?

I think I misunderstood the new Claim Codes feature; collectors must still mint to a wallet, is that correct? I thought there was some kind of custodial wallet being set up, as in credit cards with Crossmint…
So the claim codes are another way of making allowlist is that correct?

Howdy there. You can indeed enable credit card purchases with Crossmint but it must be done in the advanced settings!

To answer your other question, nope they don’t need a cryptowallet when you enable credit card purchases with Crossmint! Having a wallet is an optional field.

Keep in mind though, the two may not currently work in tandem. I think there is a caveat with enabling Crossmint that the claim cannot be a claim code claim. Report back if you find the two won’t jive together and I can help you from there!

Yes, thanks- I have deployed credit card payments with Crossmint successfully in the past, I’m all set with that.

My comment/question was that I thought the Claim Codes feature would use a custodial wallet; that collectors wouldn’t need to have a wallet; I see now that I misunderstood that; that collectors using Claim Codes must still have their own wallet.

Sorry for the confusion! Yes those two features are totally separate as you’ve described. Claim codes are simply a different way of gating access to the claim by using web2 codes. Crossmint is what allows credit card payments and custodial wallet mints Cheers!

Johnny… have you found any solution to my query from Friday about what to do about the claim codes on my two pieces…

Please let me know any updates… and thank you