Claim Codes Don't Work

I made a claim page with claim codes selected and entered in… signed the transaction, but it didn’t work. I’ve also tried clearing my cache, restarting the browser, etc etc… I’ve tried about 5 times now and every time I have to re-enter the codes because they disappear when I go back after signing the transaction.

If anyone can help me I’ve been trying to do this for days, so I would appreciate any help… thank you!

Link to your claim page?

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Sorry I see it now (Manifold staff list)

Here’s the link… hopefully no one will mint this though after I post it here on this public forum…

gm - We’ve just pushed a fix that should have resolved this. Let us know if you you’re still having issues.

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Thank you!!! Trying again now…

Hey there… just tried again and it didn’t work :frowning:

Hey! Thank you guys for trying to fix this! Unfortunately, it still isn’t working… I am actually getting a little worried because we have a timing situation to meet (we were supposed to announce the drop that the claim would go with by this weekend)… hope you guys can save the day for us! :pray:

Hi Lyndo just checking in again to see if anyone has had any luck with the claim code fix…

Hey guys… I FIXED IT!!! It didn’t allow the big numbers I was trying to do… so I tried testing it at only 1,000 claim codes and that did the trick.

Well, I kinda fixed it …but not really I guess… SO we are finally getting the enter claim code thing, but when you enter the code - it says “code already used” although zero codes have been used and 0/1000 tokens still available.

Just tried using a different set of 1,000 unique codes and it did the same thing. The sad part is that it recognizes these codes as valid unique codes… I wonder why this is happening.

OK …good news… we OFFICIALLY got it to work. By the time you all see all of my messages in this thread, you will probably think I’m a maniac! :joy: At least we got it working!!!

gm! Appreciate the update, we’re still investigating what happened here - What did you do that eventually got it to work?

Hello Lyndo… so for some reason it seems like any of the bigger amounts I tried didn’t work i.e. 9,999 or 10,000 codes. It would say they were valid unique codes, it would let me transact and sign the transaction and even said that I had “updated” it afterwords… but the code page wouldn’t pop up on the claim page - it was as if it didn’t recognize there were any codes… and when I would go back to edit again the codes had disappeared from that box.

When I thought last night to try it with only 1,000 codes… it worked to the point of the code page popping up on the claim page! BUT then when entering a code, it would say that it had already been used …even if 0/1000 were still available to claim. We tried a few different codes. Same thing. Then I edited which claim codes were available instead of code #'s 1-999, I did 2,000-2,999… The same thing happened again. I figured I would have to wait for you guys to help today, but after maybe an hour… we tried it again and it finally worked. Maybe it needed a little more time to process which codes or maybe all of my update attempts had clogged things up, but we are really happy that it is finally working! Thank you guys for trying to help.