Claim Codes working?

Hey Manifold and Community,

I recently made a new contract where i limited the drop to 25 editions and i put 25 unique claim codes and launched the contract and extension.

However now looking at the claim page, it says: “Claim Now: FREE” where anyone can get it.
Is there a way to confirm if my codes are working or not. I double checked i inputed the codes correctly before clicking next. Thanks so much!

Please share your claim and go into settings of your claim and verify that claim codes is enabled in your claim settings.


Thanks for the quick response.

it didn’t show up under who can claim after i did the contracts.
but i made sure to fill 25 unique codes and that option when i first did it

I’m not sure what happened here. Perhaps there was a UX issue at some point, or a page refresh where the claim code configuration was deselected.

Claim Codes are not enabled for this claim and can’t be enabled (because Claim Codes use a different extension).

My suggestion is to close this claim and re-create a new one, making sure that the codes are enabled and the preview shows that it’s a claim code claim before publishing. It should ask you to install a new extension as well.

Hey Wilkins,

Ah that sucks! Appreciate it. I just closed the claim and made everything blank within that.
I tried it again and there is definitely an issue with something refreshing and it unclicking that option.
I didn’t proceed yet, see pics.

I put the codes in and then scroll up click next and the next screen doesn’t have the selection.

Can you do the following:

  • close the browser
  • clear your cache
  • load studio and go back into the app
  • go back to your Rules page and re-enter your claim codes (we cleared it while testing your claim)
  • click next, and now it should show you are using claim codes


It works. Thanks for fixing the issue.
Here it is: Tropix, Mannis, & J Shaw - For The Weekend

The last question I have for you is:
Can you limit each code to mint one NFT maximum?
I know each code works once, but once you use the code, that person can claim multiple NFTs, so I am trying to set it to 1 max.

Thanks again for your help and support!

I don’t believe it’s possible to do this.

Thanks Wilkins!

I think that would be a great suggestion of a tool to add. Just like you can limit the public to only mint 1.

That way It would limit everyone who has a code to only mint 1 NFT.

People would take advantage and mint as many as possible I feel with a code.

I stand corrected, you should be able to configure a wallet max. But I don’t really see that being enforced with claim codes, because usually claim codes are distributed to unique individuals or with the intent to claim as many as they have valid claim codes.

Hey Wilkins,

You might if misunderstood what I meant!

I’m sending the 25 codes on a physical business card to 25 unique people.

My intention is to have everyone mint 1.

The problem I think is when someone puts in a code they will have the ability to mint 1,2,3,4 or however many they want with 1 claim code.

I’m trying to see if you can limit each code to 1 mint.

Each person will only have 1 claim code, but once you put It in they can mint as many on the button.


This should not be the case. Each claim code should only allow for one mint.

Are you seeing otherwise?

You are right. Just checked and claimed with a code. 1 Mint per Code.

Thank you so much for your help. All Set.
Really dope all the physical boxes will come with claim code now to get the NFT. Appreciate you