Claim ERC11-55 for existing collections holders

I would like to know on Manifold if it is possible to create an NFT (erc1155) to claim for existing collections holders ???

It’s not for my own collections but existing contracts (like “Checks VV” or “Opepen edition”)

thank you very much

Yep! It can be a CSV of any addresses, which can certainly include other collections - you’ll just need to take a snapshot of the holders for your allowlist.

Thank you for your quick answer viren :slight_smile:

ok so I put in the CSV only the 3 etherscan addresses of the 3 contracts tokens of the collections “Checks VV original”, “Checks VV editions” and “Opepen Edition” like this with a custom csv ?

thank you very much for your help!

I have to make a snapshot with the holders of these 3 collections ? on manifold you can only take snapshots of your own contracts ?

How to collect the addresses of these 3 existing collections please? with the dev snapshot tool maybe i see now

sorry for multiples posts