Claim for current collectors (without WL)

Is there a way to create an claim page available for current holders of any edition of a specific collection without using a WL .csv?

Not right now - I think the mechanic you’re referring to isn’t supported. Would love to hear a bit more about your usecase though. Do you have specific collections or tokens in mind?

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Yeah we have dropped an entire collection made of ERC1155 editions (and an OE). We’d like to create a claim for the holders. But it looks like when we look at the collectors list on Manifold, it doesn’t align with the ones on OS (some are missing etc.). What we’d like to do is create a claim for anyone holding any of the token from this contract (even if they buy during the claim).
PS: The collection is called “Retrospepective”

This might be helpful for resolving the missing collectors. It seems like Opensea is having an issue ingesting that link.

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