Claim - hold X, claim Y without .csv


I want to see if there is a way for those who hold 5 of my OE nft (erc1155) to claim 1 free new piece. I have sold 296 of my OE and don’t want to do a snapshot and use .csv to prevent hyping the secondary activities.
So, I want to see if there is an option exactly like “Burn-to-Redeem” but for “Hold-to-Claim”. like: if you hold 5 xxx, go and claim 1 free Y.

Here is the token I want holder of 5, to be able to claim one free of the next drop.

please help with this. Thank you so much!

Hi did you find a solution to this? I am looking for a Hold to Claim, vs Burn.
I am also actually looking to require Holding multiple different NFTs, rather than just one (which is available elsewhere currently, like

Any thoughts would be appreciated!