Claim page: A different media/image showing as nft after minting 1 edition as airdrop


I recently created a claim page for a free mint. The mint period is scheduled to start on 10/05, but I minted 1 edition as an air drop to myself as a test.

The token was minted to my wallet, however instead of the actual media file (a 22-second long video), a single image is showing. This is an image I had originally provided as a claim page background and later changed, but I never uploaded it as the actual token.

Can you please help?

Claim page:

Contract Address:

I get the following image on metamask instead of the video:
Capture 1

And this disclaimer from metamask:

Thanks in advance :pray:

gm! Is the token showing up properly from the Preview links in Gallery?

Thanks for the reply Lyndo! I did not list it in gallery, as I minted it to a different wallet, but I just realized I did use that same still image as a thumbnail for it. I was able to open it on OS and it works. Thank you for pointing this out!