Claim Page bug when setting up Claim Page URL

I wanted to create a page with URL ‘COMING BACK FROM THE EARTH’ that already exist.
But the page didn’t notify me on step 3. So I found it out only after I paid gas twice.

I have changed URL, but it does not exist…

Couple clarifications:

  1. Are you saying you originally wanted the url /poetry. You entered poetry, published the claim, and then found out it was already in use?
  2. I see a claim page live now at with the description you have here. Is that now correct?
  1. Yes, that’s correct.

  2. I see the update now, before it didn’t show up and just lead me to the original manifold URL.

Just Step 3 says ‘it cannot be changed later’.
But I ‘minted’ and then I changed it to ‘/poetry-girl’

All good now, thank you so much.

Got it. Glad you’re unblocked. I’ll look into the original issue. Thanks for reporting.

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