Claim page/ curate page does not load ENS pfp

Claim page/ curate page does not load ENS pfp, what should I do about it?

gm! Thanks for the feedback. We’re still working on some improvements to these pages.

also, there is a UI bug in the; should I send it here?
and is it possible to use my domain with
Also I changed a page name before saving it, and it didn’t change on the claim page, although in the panel it shows the correct name.

There is not a way to easily use your own domain with Curate, unfortunately. The Gallery app makes it easy to assign a custom subdomain for auctions and regular listings though.

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Feel free to create a new ticket about issues with the curate app - Happy to take a look. We’ve recently deployed some new changes and there maybe a few things to work out!

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Where should I open a ticket?