Claim Page (custom audience issues)

Sorry for another thread, just another issue popped up that I couldn’t find the answer to. I’ve opened a free claim for holders (this is our 7th one), and I never had issues prior when uploading a custom audience.

This time I’ve had a few reach out to me saying they weren’t able to claim. It’s the same file I’ve used prior, and I triple checked their addresses as well and they confirmed that those were their addresses.

Any suggestions? I attached a screenshot of the file.

edit: And yes they’re signed into the wallets that are included in the custom audience. The CSV file does not include any ENS domains neither.

Can you link which claim this is?

Sure, it’s this:

It’s closed now atm. It had a 1hr claim window, so I was going to relaunch it once things were settled.

Hey! Thanks for being patient as we figured out what was going on. We’ve identified the issue and are workin on a fix. In the meantime, we’ve manually corrected your claim. Let us know if you’re encountering any issues still. Sorry about that :heart:

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Hey Kartik, I know it’s been about a month now, but just wanted to thank you for your previous help on this.

I have another custom audience claim page coming in for my Token holders this Friday, so I’m curious if you guys were able to come up with a (permanent?) fix for this before I launched it.

Thank you!

Hey! It should be fixed, let me know the time you’re launching and we’ll be on standby for you just in case

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Thank you, Kartik! I plan to go live with it on August 25th (today) @ 9pm EST.