Claim Page Description NIGHTMARE using Markdown Syntax

Good evening!

First of all I really appreciate Manifold, BUT I think it wants to drive me insane with the 5 minute wait between each edit I make to the description of an edition on their claim page.

Spent around 8 hours trying to fine tune the description design. Italics don’t work, bullets neither, paragraphs not available after placing a “heading”. To sum up very erratic markdown syntax implementation. Following the recommended Markdown syntax simple cheat table in

Any help? Thanks!

We are looking at this now. It’s a CSS issue that we are investigating.

Can you try now? We’ve fixed the markdown CSS issues.

Unfortunately not working. Italics, for example, is not working.

Can you share the markdown you’re trying to use? I’ve tried italics and it seems to work.

Is this for a claim page?

Sorry. Looks like we didn’t release the fix. Releasing now.

Ok, it’s released, can you try again?

Hey, sorry to leapfrog on this or necro it… I have exactly the same issue - no edits are showing at all? No markdown, no nothing on a claim description under “Edit claim”

Any assistance would be epic


Can you provide some screenshots or examples?

Thank you for replying - eventually the changes appeared. However you have to do it on the tokens in overview and not the claim page edit area. It does not make a lot of sense… as they are identical? lol

Sorted for now, thank you

Can you explain what you mean?

Editing the ‘Token’ will edit the description of the Token (on-chain transaction since you are editing the token itself)

Editing the ‘Page’ will edit your claim page description (no on-chain transaction needed since it’s just editing your claim page display)