Claim Page - different minting windows with free white list then set price for public

Hi Team


I want to drop a new piece for my collectors and public, with an initial free mint for existing collectors, followed by a public mint where the mint price is eg 0.01 ETH. However, my artwork is not ready yet, I’m not really ready yet. But conscious of the Opensea deadline for royalties.

Some questions :

  1. Is there a way of increasing/modifying the supply once the claim page is deployed?

  2. Can the white list be edited once initially deployed?

  3. After the initial start / end window has been completed, am I able to go back and then change the settings, change the price, change the supply, change the white list, change if it is public or not? etc?

  4. I’m conscious of the date and the time that a token needs to be deployed to for Opensea to enforce royalties. So I was initially planning to set the supply to 1 token with myself as the whitelist and a 1 day mint window. Claim the token, and then that would give me time to then create the artwork and run a follow on whitelist mint, followed by public mint. Does this make sense? Is this possible?

I can’t find any documentation other than the very basic/standard use of the claim page. So apologies if I have missed it.

Thanks for your help and advice! It’s always appreciated.


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I discovered at the end of the claim page creation, it says there that you can make all of these changes after publishing the claim page.


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