Claim Page - Discoverability

Hey team, gm.

This will probably be a quick one. Once a Claim Page is created, will it be shown anywhere? Meaning, unless I share the link to it (or subscribers get a notif), it won’t be indexed like it happens if I used the Gallery app, correct?


When a Claim page is deployed, your wallet will show an Initialize Claim transaction that a claim will be created but until someone mints from the page the actual token wont be created

yes, but let me make the question clearer, sorry… I mean the link of the Claim Page. No one will be able to find it until it’s shared, right? the page is not indexed anywhere.

(since the transaction does show the claim ID, I do understand someone can mint from the id if they use the widget tho)

Got it - I think the best way to think of this is that everything done on-chain is and will be public.

yeah, sounds good. Thank you!