Claim page display issue with Google Chrome

The manifold website has a big UI error, it’s not displaying well, can anyone fix it soon?

For example :

The words “Mint Quantity” and “Buy Token” are showing wrong and too small, an hour ago it was still showing fine Hope it will be fixed soon

It looks fine on my computer. You probably had a network glitch. Try refreshing.

I have tried refreshing a few times but still getting this error. It’s only on google chrome, other browsers like IE, Firefox don’t have this error

I’ve checked on Chrome on macbook and iphone and it looks great.

I’ve seen this kind of issues happen when only part of the page loads or is sometimes cached.

Try clearing your cache when you refresh in chrome. To do that hold shift when you click the refresh button.

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Thank you, now I don’t see the error anymore :heart: