Claim Page - EOA Wallet Requirement Inquiry


Quick question re: payment wallet options:

I’m trying to create a claim page where the funds will go directly to a non-profit I’m supporting with my project (NDSS) via Endaoment’s protocol (they have a wallet address established specifically for the organization).

The wallet address is not an EOA wallet; however, it can accept ETH payments.

Would I be able to include that wallet as the payout wallet address (as I do within my contract for my project w/ a percentage of the royalties) or do I need to first send it to an EOA wallet and then transfer the funds?

Asking this question in case anyone else is looking to create claim pieces for charitable donations outside of their own collections.

Thanks for the support!

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EOA requirement is no longer the case, will remove this popup!

fantastic! thank you for the update!

Updated now and removed the “It must be an EOA” language. Thanks for the note!

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Manifold >>>>>>

Love it!