Claim Page ERC1155 Royalties and listing my claim page on OS

Hi All,

Noob here. I have 2 questions. I’ve checked the forums and can’t seem to find this.

I’ve created a Claim Page. I followed the instructions to set Royalties by writing to the Proxy. I paid a small transaction fee but when I look at the contract, I don’t see that the royalty has been accepted. So what did I pay for?

How do I get my Claim Page to show up on OpenSea? I’ve seen an NFT by an artist ( FREE MINT Editions X Tylersjourney) and it appears his NFT shows up there. Or perhaps I’m confused and missing something.

Thanks for any assistance.

  1. Where did you go to look for your royalties? You can verify if your royalties have been set on chain here:
  2. Claim Tokens will not show up on Opensea until they have been minted. A claim page is a lazy mint mechanic not a pre-mint mechanic. With the lazy mint, the tokens do not exist until collectors have minted them.
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Thank you so much. I verified my royalty at the link you provided and it has been setup properly.

Perhaps next time it may be better for me to do the mint as opposed to using a claim page.

Thanks, again.

The mechanics are very different for different usecases!

Our docs might be helpful: