Claim Page feature request - Getting rid of view original media/Adding capabilities to claim

Hello Manifold team!
I have a couple of question regarding Claim pages:

1- “View origianl media button”
Can we get rid of this button?
It lets any user download the minted item and while probably it doesn’t matter for a compressed low quality image. I think this is a big issue for creators uploading full.glb models.
Any user can download the minted .glb, which in my opinion has a greater value than any image or video format. It would be great to hide that button to avoid making this ripping so easy.

2- Do you plan to add capabilities for multiple tokens Claim page?
For example in the same Claim page user can chose if they want to mint item#1 or #2 or #3 etc.
As it is today I would need to create a new minting page for each token correct?

Thank you!

Gm! Thanks for asking.

  1. Because the images are optimized for the Gallery pages this section was added to accurately reflect the token. To link to additional media, creators have used the ‘hidden metadata property’ while creating the token and added that there.

  2. This is something we’ve discussed and will be looking into. (Don’t have a timeline for this)

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