Claim page feature request split initial sales

Would love it if I could add two address wallets or more to split the initial sale on a claim page, for a collaborative piece I did.
I’m not sure what the technical limitations are that are keeping you guys from doing this, but it would be a really huge benefit for people who do a lot of collaborations. :pray:t3::mushroom:
I know I can use that service split0x, but it’s not ideal because it’s not automatic until a certain volume of sales. It’s actually seems a little bit complicated for me.I know I can get it but it was late last night. I couldn’t figure out how to set it so that the distributions would occur whenever a piece was sold. It seemed like there was a waiting period and you had to send a percentage. It started to get a little bit into the unknown territory, Thanks for any advice you can provide towards this as well. :saluting_face:

Thanks for letting us know! It’s feedback we’ve been hearing more often and will definitely take this into consideration.

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