Claim Page: Invalid Amount

Hello! Seeking assistance for a collector who is unable to mint from a customized claim page.

I created the CSV file that allowed their address to mint 1 token from the supply (1).

Their MetaMask is connected, they are on Ethereum Mainnet, and they have enough ETH in their wallet. When they select “Buy Token”, they keep getting the error message “Invalid Amount”.

This is the claim page: Pluto
Attached image is a screenshot the collector sent me.

Thank you in advance!

Are they trying to mint with Metamask, WalletConnect or some other wallet provider? And are they using a delegate wallet or hardware wallet?

Also, is this on the mobile site or on metamask mobile by any chance?

And do they even get a confirmation on their wallet at all?

Hi, thanks for the reply. It looks like MetaMask.

Desktop or mobile? Do they even get a metamask transaction confirmation popup?

I will inquire, thank you!

No problem. Def want to get this resolved for you. Might be a stretch ask, but it would help us narrow it down if they were able to share any console errors if it’s on desktop (and if we know what browser they’re using). It’s a bit hard to figure out without that information since this is an exclusive claim.

From the collector:

Desktop, And no transaction pop up . I see a brief pop up from Manifold in the middle of the screen when I click it, but then it disappears and the red error comes up

I assume they are using Chrome with the MetaMask extension.

Possible to request them to open up their dev console and share a screenshot of the error they see?

We will try to repro as well but it might be hard to recreate the identical scenario.

They were able to get a screenshot of the pop up screen that shows for half a second before the error. It happened on mobile as well.

I will ask about the developer console.

Thanks. The developer console would help a lot. This looks like a mobile phone though, wondering if that’s what’s causing the issue…

They sent this. I’m also going to share this thread with them so they can chime in!

From the collector: “i can also take a video recording of what im seeing and talk to the team directly!”

This is super helpful! We can get pretty close from here. Sorry for the problems.

Hi there Nxtoo.eth!

I just pushed a fix, if you have your collector close the page, clear their cache, and open the page it should work.

Sorry that this happened, as far as I can tell you were the first creator to ever use a whitelist with just a single entry, which had an edge case I hadn’t encountered before.

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Hello! It me, the collector :laughing:

I will try the steps you mentioned above and let you know how it goes!

Thank you so much! We really appreciate your due diligence and support. Am excited to continue minting on Manifold.

PS: It’s N-T-X-o-o :slight_smile: