Claim Page is Missing from Studio

I think I might have found a bit of a dead-end (but this might be user error too!)

Owner wallet: 0xC9fC3269a86dD69b6212ED0df8a9DA164a2eF56e
Currently using MetaMask

Working on deploying a test open edition with a whitelist.

Claim page is live: Test Banana Drops
NFT Tokens are on Mainet:

And come from the contract I deployed on Manifold:

But currently inaccessible to to edit in my Studio Page

The claim page (third item), is a draft offer page I accidentally created when trying to get back to the Claim Page listed above, I’d ignore that for the purpose of troubleshooting. When you click on it, it takes me to the Step 1 of the Claim page process. And the Test Contract page shows “mint token to main net” as still unfulfilled.

– Continued in the next post as “new users aren’t allowed to embed more than 2 items”

Continued from Original Post…

The one guess I have: I somehow switched between a second wallet (the b48…48b on the top-right corner) when swapping between tabs.

This wallet was already connected to Manifold since I’ve used it to mint open editions from other artists.

When I try to swap between wallets, I stay connected with the original C9fC…

I’ve disconnected 0xc9… cleared cache etc and ONLY connected via 0xB48…and I’m still on the 0xC9F…

So. Maybe it’s a dead end, maybe I should re-deploy a new test contract and give it all a try all over again (in fact I might do that in the interim because there’s a deadline on this).

I wanted to understand what was going wrong though, just to ensure that if I find myself in the same corner, I’m able to correct it.

Thanks in advance for the help and LMK what’s missing details-wise.