Claim Page Issues

i minted the first token on an erc1155 contract and trying to get it to show on correct platforms. it’s not showing up on the links at the claim page except for two: manifold and magic eden.

instead of being on the platforms on the claim page i need the contract and mint to be on opensea, foundation, superrare, and ourzora. i’ve brought this up twice in a separate post before minting without response to avoid this issue. please help.

the wallet address is: 0x500590e615af3ec8ea6e4831b024f6c157e7fee5

claim page:

i’m using a chrome browser.

Hi Kesean!

Those links on the Manifold claim page are the same for every claim; they’re not customizable.

As to why your claim isn’t showing up on most platforms, I think that depends on the specific platform. Most of them will not start tracking a contract until at least 1 token has been minted on it. Magic Eden does appear to be an exception.

hey jack

so how do i go about getting the contract and token on the correct platforms? there was a way to specify this in studio prior to minting, it’s showing a 404 screen on opensea. i’ve posted the platforms above in this thread

Once a token has been minted you’ll be able to view the tokens on the other platforms that pick up that contract/token type. ie Opensea doesn’t create a collection until a token has been minted.

ok. so how does this get fixed is what im asking. it’s showing a 404 on opensea and at the other platforms on the claim page. i need the contract and the mint to appear on the platforms stated above.

If you aren’t particular about the token count, you can airdrop an edition to your own wallet. That will kick off indexing on OpenSea and other platforms.

i need the claim page to only show the manifold and opensea link, i’ll contact them. is this something that can be done in studio? it seems foundation, superrare, and ourzora do not index erc1155s. maybe ourzora erc721s or 1155s.

opensea has contacted and working on the issue. how long before this is resolved by manifold, i need my claim page to only show the manifold and opensea links.

opensea states there’s an error in the contract and to reach out to you


Could you please provide the transaction hash for your mint action?

transaction hash

This doesn’t include the network id. Could you share a link to the etherscan page?

contract etherscan

I looked at your transaction here: 0x8717e8a120c5ad7702f16f6c06b9532b080cb8eccf18167d9df28b04ca01ff90

As explained earlier (Claim Page Issues - #2 by jack), the reason your token is not appearing on OpenSea is because your token supply is zero until someone claims your token from your claim page.

can one of yall mint one to be sure? the link is in the first post here strange theory

Feel free to airdrop an edition to the Manifold Vault to be sure. Instructions here: How do I airdrop tokens from my Claim page? | Manifold Help Center

Our wallet address is: 0x54acE8D119c4Bd7baF11F750C690e9667A80801A

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