Claim Page Linking to different platforms: Still not fixed, forum team is ignoring posts

this is the fourth post in which my claim page has yet to be fixed. it’s a simple problem. i need the links at this claim page to only show the manifold and opensea platform links.

The links on a claim page aren’t customizable, it’s the default every claim page that’s deployed - Once a token has been minted you’ll be able to view the tokens on the other platforms that pick up that contract/token type.

this is a lie. i can tag another artist’s claim page where there is only manifold and opensea. you’re taking my kindness for weakness. you need fix my issue and stop ignoring my post. my concerns deserve service like everyone else.

There could be a few reasons why some platforms are showing up and not others. Things like:

  • token standard,
  • Claim network,
  • external platform support

This may affect whether a platform shows up on the list or not. For example, Claim pages don’t automatically show Foundation for ERC-1155 tokens (as they don’t support those) or don’t show LooksRare for any token that’s on Base or Sepolia (as they support only Ethereum mainnet).

Claim pages try to show as many external links as possible by default and this is automated and not customized per page.

you are again just saying things and not fixing anything. you have yet to fix one thing and keep doing run around talk. the manifold claim page is operated and maintained by manifold. meaning you can have the page viewed in anyway you’d like from backend. there was even an option to specify which platforms you’d like your work to show on through the marketplace blocker that has conveniently vanished in the last week.

We don’t control other platforms that display your work. The links on your claim page are only links to other platforms that we know will automatically display your tokens. Our product automatically renders these links and we don’t currently offer the ability to customize these links.

If you’re seeing other claim pages with links to only OpenSea and Manifold, it’s due to the network and token spec only being recognized by those platforms. We did not update those links manually, nor did the creator of those claim pages.

again, im not talking about other platforms, specs, etc. i want manifold, who had tools such as the marketplace blocker in studio to help with what im asking, to fix my issue in which, i want the manifold and opensea links to DISPLAY ON MY CLAIM PAGE ONLY. i don’t care where it’s minted etc etc.


question: what happened to the marketplace blocker option that was removed recently?

this is the claim page: