Claim page - minting on mobile

Hi team

I was hoping to release an Open Edition this week. I’ve deployed the contract to mainnet and was about to configure the contract settings to allow minting on mobile (I had to do this on my last claim page but cant recall all of the steps)

However, there does not appear to be any info in the Docs section anymore about minting on mobile, node providers, Infura etc … Is this still a requirement or is mobile minting now a standard feature?

Sorry for adding this in as another forum post ticket but have tried asking this as a quick question in Discord but it’s been ignored so felt the need to raise a ticket.

I was hoping to launch my claim page today, so if someone can give me a quick yes or no as to whether or not I need to configure the page for mobile or not that would be great. The last thing I want to do is launch the page and mobile isn’t working.

Anyone searching for similar info - it appears the mobile minting is now automatically built in for claim pages. No separate configuration required.