Claim page mistake

Hey so I created a claim page for an open edition NFT I wanted to drop for a new song I’m putting out. When I created the claim page I thought it would create a new contract address for this song. As it turns out it used the contract address for a previous 1/1 NFT I dropped for a different song. Is there any way I can change this? I have collaborators that I wanted to receive a split of the earnings that are different from the collaborators from the other song, so it can’t be on the same contract address as I already had a 0xsplits contract set up for the other song.

You’ll want to deploy a new 721 contract first for this claim page, if you want all the tokens from the claim page to be on their own contract with nothing else.

the thing is i already created the claim page. Would I be able to change it if I deployed a new 721 contract?

Ah, you can’t change the contract the claim page was published to. Have tokens already been minted? If not, the best option is probably to pause/end this one (just set the end date to some time in the past) and then redo it on a new contract with a new claim page.

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That being said, if the issue is just splitting the earnings from the claim page, the contract shouldn’t matter. If you want to split royalties, you’d want a new contract.

thanks i just did that - i will create a new one thanks!

so i made a new claim page and i have a new contract address. I want to use 0xsplits to ensure all my collaborators receive their share. Would i input the split address from 0xsplits into the royalty section of the smart contract to ensure they get paid?

For sales splits for primary sales - You’ll enter the payout address here. The royalty section of the smart contract refers to secondary sales.

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oh i see why it didnt come up. i made this a pay what you can campaign but since i was using an erc721 i have an address people can donate to but the mint on the claim page is free - there wasn’t a way to do it currently in one transaction. thank you for the information though!