Claim Page NFT ERC-721 Token ID to add to Metamask

Hi All. I’m new… Sorry. Lol I searched for an answer but couldn’t find one.

I created a claim page for an ERC-721 NFT on ETH. After creating the Claim page I went ahead and claimed one of the NFT’s to my MetaMask. MetaMask auto detected the NFT and everything worked great!

I then sent the link to the Claim page to my partner on the project and told him to claim one. He didn’t have the MetaMask auto Detect and tried to add the NFT as a Custom Token.

Where we’re stumped at is what to put for the Token ID. The Token ID for the NFT I claimed was the number 1. So, I told him to try the number 2 as the Token ID. No dice. We then tried to enter the number 1, 3,4 and 5 with the same result. Hell, we even tried using letters! Lol Could someone please help by letting me know where to find the Token ID so my partner can add the NFT to his MetaMask? Thank you for your time.