Claim page not appearing in tokens

My claim page: Ritual Bath

Is not appearing under my tokens in Manifold Studio, my other three claims pages appear but not that one, likely is a UI issue/bug.

Can someone please help make my claim page reappear again so I can make updates to it?




Thanks for the report. For now you can edit your claim by opening the claim app directly.
Will fix this soon.

Hi there, thank you! how I do open the claim app directly? I can open the claim page via URL but no option to edit?

heyo, no prob:

  1. Head to
  2. Click Apps in the navigation.
  3. Choose the “Claim Page” app.
  4. The first screen will be a list of the claims you’ve created. Choose the one you want to edit.

Oh okay! I see it now! Thank you so much!

Let me know when it is reappearing back in my tokens as well, much appreciated!