Claim page not loading! Fix now costing me business!

So what the hell is happening with my page that was just working! I have a bunch of people trying to mint right now and this is costing me a lot!

We’re working on a fix right now. Should be out shortly. Sorry about this.

Sorry, dude this is costing me fucking money! Like this is the worst time for something like this to happen to right now, I have a massive marking campaign going right now and just announced that mint to an entire crowd then they can’t even access my mint! How do I link the mint function to my own page, can’t afford this to happen ever again fuck that.

We have widgets available that can be embedded into any website, see more here:

The issue has been resolved. Pages are loading again.

Still, I need to mint through my own page now, this one time is enough for me to never ever wanna deal with that again. Because it decided to happen at literally the worst time.

Is it possible for me to link my mint function to my own page?