Claim page not loading in Firefox

Claim pages are not loading in Firefox. Visiting one shows an endless spinner. This continues to happen after clearing all local storage / session / cookies / cache. Also happens in an incognito tab.

Here are the errors from the console:

Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: An invalid or illegal string was specified reconnecting-websocket-mjs.js:17
MWalletIdentity failed to mount due to time out. entry.ts:40:16
MRestrictedToken failed to mount due to time out. entry.ts:42:16

this is all I see, an improperly styled spinner:

Chrome does not have this problem.

Can you provide a link to your claim?

I was mistaken, its a gallery page. Claims are working just fine. Heres a link that has been stuck for me for days (only in Firefox) Ethereal Realm VI

i have the same result for several other tokens on that contract, found on this curate page here: Manifold